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About Fibrella

From the simple rain umbrella to walking umbrella to garden umbrella to golf umbrella to wedding umbrella; the list goes on and on. From something that was originally meant to give us a cool shade protection from the extreme heat of the sun or protection from the complete opposite i.e. the rain, umbrella has become a fashion statement. Another accesory to up the ante of fashion. Umbrellas can be so beautiful, that it can draw attention and that many of us would go out of our ways and spend little fortunes just to get our hands on them. Fibrella has made its mark in the industry of umbrellas with our automatic and manual umbrellas for its quality, sleek designs and virtually indestructible ribs. It also features the latest wind-resilience technology and finely crafted push button handles to automatically open and close your umbrella effortlesly. So check out these umbrellas and take your pick! Beautiful and reasonably priced umbrellas, these fine fashion accessories might be just what you need to spruce up your image this season.

User Friendly Fabrics

The umbrella fabric of FORMOSA TAFFETA is leading the trend of world fashion as it provides fashionable and healthy materials. The fabrics are cleared of the examination by TEXTEX Oeko - Tex 100 Standard of Switzerland, and meet perfectly well with regulations of use constraints for AZO dye. It will, therefore, ensure that fabrics are harmless to human skin. During the manufacturing and processing process, it is maintained of user - friendliness to ecology. Hence, you can rest assured choosing umbrella fabrics by FORMOSSA TAFFETA